how do i tell my professors that my academia is going to suffer for the next three weeks because i’m desperately clinging to life

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How To (11/30)

This is how to be a cliche. This is how to feel alone in a crowd. This is how to claim a stomach ache. This is how to cultivate hunger. This is how to fill up on feeling. This is how to build walls. This is how to get lost within them. This is how to fake it. This is how to starve. This is how to hiss and spit behind closed doors. This is how to feel superior with your head in the toilet.

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I was so manic during the Seattle improv trip last year that I don’t remember much.

I remember wandering through the rain, and not understanding why everyone was worried about me. 
I remember seeing pieces of broken glass on the ground and wanting to stab them through my arms.
I remember crying a lot. 
I remember being awake at 5 in the morning, wanting to jump off a building.

I told myself this year would be different. and I’m so afraid it won’t be.

The only thing that feels like it will be different, is I’m getting better at hiding my mental bullshit. So bring on the secret struggle.

I WILL NOT let my crazy bullshit ruin this trip. I will be IN CONTROL. ugh

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Let It Go the college version

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they’re having a


a baby


in her stomach

a baby

a kid

ben and leslie




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ugh this angel face

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Way to go pushing people away Melia, nice one, A+

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NBC Comedy Playground




ohmygod I need to hurry up and thinking of a funny idea and also be funny and ohmyGOD

YOU GUYS IM ONLY FOURTEEN BUT WOULDN’T IT WOULD BE A COOL IDEA TO HAVE ONE OF THE MANY OF AGE ACTUAL COMEDY WRITERS ON HERE TO ENTER AND FOR THE REST OF US TO HELP WITH PROMPTS AND IDEAS AND SUPPORT THEM? Just an idea but this fandom is already super supportive anyway and all the people ive talked to certainly have a sense of humour, this is a really awesome once in a lifetime opportunity and Im curious as to what happens. 

IM SO DOWN, who wants to partner with me, I’m 21! Message me!

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NBC Comedy Playground


ohmygod I need to hurry up and thinking of a funny idea and also be funny and ohmyGOD

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Things I did today:

slept until 4pm

ate peanut butter from the jar with a knife

cried a lil bit

skipped all the classes

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here’s me commenting on a fellow comedian’s facebook post…
And there’s Wendi commenting right after me.

what is happening. This just seems so cool to me.

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